Executive Team Development

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Executive Team Development

The shadow cast by the executive team over the organisation’s culture is immense.  A change in culture has to be signaled by some visible changes in the way the executive team leads the organisation, and how they work with eachother.

We offer specialised executive team development programmes and personal transformation for leaders, which cover both the team’s own effectiveness to drive performance and role modelling of the target culture and corporate values.


These programmes are tailored for each client and combine:

  • Team off-sites
  • 360 degree feedback Personal Coaching
  • Team observation
  • Facilitated interactions with the next level of leaders, often in a large group workshop


Our role is that of a team coach.

Teams at the top often find it particularly hard to be good team members (they are usually much better team leaders).  Because of this, the business benefits of working more closely together need to be very clear. We work very hard to achieve this. By combining our business orientation with an extraordinarily skilled group of facilitators, we’re able to create an environment where executives are more open with each other than they ever thought possible.

Change takes everyone out of their comfort zone – our skill is to do this in a way which executives love.  As they start to see the changes in their behaviour together, how much easier this make it to run the business, and how much more confidence they gain in their ability to deliver on their performance objectives, they welcome the opportunity to role model the behaviours they have set as culture goals for everyone else.


Our work is based around our Team Development Model through which we have found that the most effective teams have:

  1. Clear, shared goals and purpose

  2. Clear roles and accountabilities
  3. Good team process
  4. High trust and relationships

Each of these four can be Poor, Good or Great, and our team interventions focus our assessment of the priorities following an assessment.