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Imagine you could identify the very few behaviours that, if they became the norm in your organisation, would transform your business.

Our Culture Transformation System will identify these for you. Using our rigorous deep dive assessment approach together with the processes we use with senior leaders together we are able to define these. Everyone tends to want too many. But just imagine the value that can be created of just one or two key behaviours – that people keep their word, for example.

Our Key Behaviours Program is a workshop framework into which we then insert the key behaviours you have chosen to transform your business. We design the programme for you and facilitation usually involves one or our people and one of yours. The experience is challenging and rewarding for participants.

If you already know the behaviours you are seeking to embed, we offer this programme as a stand-alone intervention. Our culture experience allows to always tie work back to the broader organisational change, thus ensuring sustainability the outcomes.


Screen-Shot-2014-06-19-at-17.32.44Case Study: Roads & Maritime Services, NSW, Australia

Culture Goal: Put the Customer at the Heart of Everything we Do

Key Behaviours programme: Four were selected through the RMS’s Culture Management Process.

Program was run with 2500 employees with co-facilitation by Walking the Talk/RMS.

Outcomes: Common language and defined behaviours enabled RMS to challenge and change long term habits. Evidence now showing that experience of customers has improved.