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A critical element of successful culture transformation is a Culture Business Plan.

Having a culture plan aligned with the organisation’s business planning process will greatly improve strategy execution for positive impact on business performance and results.

A two-month cultural planning process mirrors the organisation’s annual business planning process to enhance business execution and deliver the results you want. The Walking the Talk Culture Transformation framework ensures that culture gains a ‘seat at the strategic table.’

Our process helps you: prioritise efforts, identify best opportunities, maximise scarce resources, measure and clearly communicate culture objectives, and improve organisational governance with a tangible process that enforces company standards.

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 The Culture Planning process has four components:

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The planning team pulls together all existing initiatives with objectives of changing behaviour and culture. They research best practices and culture assessment data.

Planning Workshops:

The culture planning team completes a series of facilitated working sessions to develop a fully costed, detailed culture plan.

Plan Completion:

Plan completion turns planning workshop output into a document, signed off by the executive team, which can be included in the organisation’s business plan.

Progress Review:

Quarterly meetings for the culture planning team enable them to review plan execution and progress on plan metrics, proactively adjust the plan, learn as they go, and maintain business goal alignment.