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Even with data gleaned from extensive surveys, many organisations aren’t able to effectively use their data to build and execute rigorous change plans.Why? Because the data lacks granularity, which enables targeted action planning.

Walking the Talk diagnostic tools are designed to be used stand-alone, or to complement and augment data available from other culture and engagement surveys.


We use a specialised research technique that enables us to codify qualitative data. Rich, client-specific data collected from focus groups is analysed to uncover the Behaviours, Symbols, Systems, Values, and Beliefs that combine to form the current culture. If there is existing survey data, we can provide you with a deep, actionable insight of root causes.

We then compare the current culture to the capabilities required to execute the organisation’s strategy. The tool measures healthy, overused, and neglected data points related to the six Walking the Talk Archetypes.


Cultural Assessment provides a clear picture of what the culture is, and why. With this insight, organisations can move more easily from measurement to objective actions.

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