March 16, 2016
Business focus culture

Bringing your culture into focus

Superficiality damages culture initiatives.   I frequently find organisations developing long, excited lists of the values and behaviours they want to underpin their culture.  It’s tempting, […]
July 14, 2015
Agile organisation culture

How agile are you?

When I ask teams of executives if they can identify the business imperatives for culture in their organisation, one thing that is often mentioned is agility. “We […]
May 19, 2015
What are you prepared to tolerate in your organisation?

Could tolerance be killing your culture?

Culture is the patterns of behaviour that are encouraged, discouraged or tolerated by people and systems over time.     During this four-part whistle-stop tour of […]
April 28, 2015
Culture Definition pTolerate Behaviour

Creating culture: encourage more, tolerate less

As we’ve explored in the previous entries of this ‘Defining Culture’ series, culture is the patterns of behaviour that are encouraged, discouraged or tolerated by people and […]
April 8, 2015
Culture vs. Engagement Elephant

Defining culture… it’s NOT engagement

In the first of an exclusive series of articles defining organisational culture, Walking the Talk’s Director Europe, Amanda Fajak, begins by walking us through how culture […]
February 12, 2015
Why Work On Culture?

Why work on culture? Moments of truth

Why do we do all this work? What is the value in focussing on culture? Everything, it seems to me, comes down to certain key behaviours […]
January 19, 2015

Values or behaviours? Where to focus your culture efforts

I often get asked the following question by clients: “Should we focus on values or on behaviours when trying to change culture?”   The following real-life story […]
December 22, 2014
Culture Change Consultancy Australia

Capitalising on a crisis

When seeking to change culture, we are seeking to change the mindsets of a population of people, in such a way that will cause a change […]
December 8, 2014
Changing Behaviours Mindsets Culture

Computer says no: changing behaviours – where to start

I recently had to renew my European passport because it had expired. As I live in Australia, the only place I could do this was the […]
November 11, 2014
Culture Change Basics - Why Walking the Talk Matters

Back to basics: Why walking the talk matters

Sometimes it’s good to get back to the basics… It’s easy to slip into the habit of thinking about your culture as a project, or a […]
April 25, 2014

Sewol ferry: cultural factors in a tragedy

    I feel moved to comment on the cultural factors at play in the tragedy that has unfolded this week in South Korea. Amidst the […]