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Who we are
People and culture are most impacted not by what is said, but by what gets done. That’s why we think it’s essential to align your ‘walk’ with your ‘talk’. Walking the Talk are a global culture transformation consultancy with a proven methodology based on 25 years in the field of culture. Our clients call on us when they want practical solutions to tackle the ‘soft’ side of business and achieve powerful results. We help clients walk their talk.
How we help you transform culture

Our Culture Transformation System draws upon leading-edge concepts, a clear methodology, easy-to-use tools and impactful facilitation to provide your people with a deep experience of how to lead culture in a sustainable way. Our proven path to culture transformation leads you through how to:

  • Manage culture so you can align your culture strategy with your business strategy
  • Lead culture through a personally transforming process
  • Disseminate culture using techniques to create a tipping

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